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Building a Dataset from UN Comtrade's API

The following is a simple program for building data sets using the United Nation’s COMTRADE...[Read more]

Quick Note: Writing large .csv files in R with fwrite()! and beyond

The problem. R can be nasty when it comes to reading and writing “large” datasets....[Read more]

Quick Note: Upgrading to Microsoft Open R in Linux

Below is a guide to installing Microsoft Open R for those using Ubuntu Linux and...[Read more]

Concrete Development & Path Dependent Capital in Afghanistan

It’s hard to imagine, but in the 1950s and 1960s Afghanistan was in the throws...[Read more]

Mapping Developments Middle East

Mapping The Manbij Offensive , summer 2016. The (currently ongoing) operation by Syrian Democratic Forces...[Read more]

One Helluva Property Right

Bloomberg published a long-form piece on the sale of a “Texas Ranch That’s the Size...[Read more]

Input-Output Tables & the Leontief Inverse in R - Part I.

Surahammars Ironworks/Surahammars Järnbruk, Sweden, 1919. From Sweden’s Tekniska Museet photo collection. In input-output economics, the...[Read more]

Forty Years of the S (& R) Programming Language

O.g. data scientist and S developer, Richard Becker, gave a shamelessly wonky keynote address on...[Read more]

The Weird History of Microfilm

From the University of Haifa Younes, Soraya Nazarian Library, vis-a-vis Atlas Obscura. The wonderful and...[Read more]

A Hunt for the Oldest Government Computer

Last year Popular Mechanics and WOODtv reported that a single Amiga has been running non-stop...[Read more]

Stalinist Russia from the Trondheim Archives

Delving into the fantastic collection of the Norwegian Municipal Archives of Trondheim, which has some...[Read more]

Rock Hudson's Telegraph to Nancy Reagan Before His Death From AIDS

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library care of Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed News A great long...[Read more]

Readings in the History of Asian State Capacity

A clip from the “Royaume d’ Annan comprenant les Royaumes de Tumkin et de la...[Read more]

Quick Note: Using 'ff' to quickly save giant data sets in R

Using a really powerful library to do something simple. For a current project, I am...[Read more]

Quick Note: A New Python IDE for Data Work (& RStudio Lovers)

Just a quick heads-up: I’ve been using Yhat’s new Python IDE, Rodeo, which is pretty...[Read more]

Digitizing & (Re-) Visualizing the Apollo 11 Landing

The Planetary DatArt blog digitized and evaluated the Apollo 11 lunar landing from some a...[Read more]

Tutorial: Big GIS Data in R & Functional Programming

Caption: "Thermal Map of North America. Delineating the Isothermal Zodiac, the Isothermal Axis of Identity,...[Read more]

Visualization: Oslo, Minnesota

Norwegian population settlement in the United States (and Canada) at the turn of the century....[Read more]

A Christmas with the Gipper & Nancy, 1983.

Merry Christmas with the Gipper. Nancy and President Reagan, Christmas Eve, 1983. From the Ronald...[Read more]

Tutorial: R Code Style for Empirical Economists

Make your code understandable. IBM's data center in the 1960s, Toronto. Heuristics, Hunches, &...[Read more]

1972 Thailand & Burma

Copyright the Nick DeWolf Foundation from their fantastic Nick DeWolf Archive Flickr page here. I...[Read more]

Wozniakian Destruction

"Wozniakian Destruction" - The History of Phone Hacking & its Influence on 1970s Silicon Valley...[Read more]

Quick Notes - Coding Stata do-files with Sublime in Unix/Linux

I am used to writing code in notepad programs, such as N++ and the fantastic...[Read more]

Data Janitors & Data Carpentry.

Data Janitors and Data Carpentry: value in the nitty gritty? "Report on the investigation of...[Read more]

Found Photos from Vietnam - a Digitization Project

More at   Newly digitized photos from Vietnam war photographer, Charlie Haughey, appearing in...[Read more]