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Published Dec 25, 2015

This blog…

Is a mish mash of current interests … big and small:

Economic development; comparative structural change; industrial history; political economy; messy data in Python+R; and “big data” approaches to historical data. Oh, and I dabble in Southeast Asian studies.

Musings on Messy Data.

Studying the comparative history of economic development has meant dealing with really messy data. In short, this blog is a piecemeal attempt to collect insights about working with old, imperfect data, emphasizing statistics from the developing world. The “big data” thing has not only rapidly expanded the ability accumulate contemporary data, but has had the effect of introducing computational tools to digitizing, extracting, and cleaning old data that was otherwise rotting in basements.


I am a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES). For 2013-2015 I will be a research fellow at Harvard University’s Department of Economics. I am constantly between the US, Sweden, & the Philippines.

My Research.

Research-wise, my dissertation is on the history and political economy of structural change, applying modern econometric techniques to investigate classic questions in economic development – in particular, how institutions hastened (thwarted) industrialization. My job market paper explores the role of industrial policy in transforming South Korea.

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Nerd Stuff.

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